Kitela, Rajsamand, Sukoon


Every year 12 million i.e. 1 crore 20 lakh girls get married before the age of 18 and this is a huge number. Similarly, in Rajasthan, 3.7 percent of 15 to 19 year old become pregnant and 25 percent of child marriages are still taking place.

Similarly, after receiving information about child marriage taking place in Bagana (Mota Guda) village, Rajsamand Mahila Manch and Rajsamand Jan Vikas Sansthan visited the houses of two families of different communities, one of which was a Bhil family and the other a Rawat caste family.

Met those children and their parents and their families, and after confirmation of
child marriage, counseling was conducted with the children and their parents and by telling
them the disadvantages of child marriage, child marriage was stopped by ordering them not to
do so. Also the signatures of all of them were taken in the affidavit.

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