A Counseling Center for Women/MSSK

Violence against women and girls is a global problem.
It occurs in every country in the world and across all groups and classes, affecting 1 in 3 women in their lifetime

The National Family Health Survey (NFHS-4) of 2015-16 suggests that 30 percent women in India in the age group of 15-49 have experienced physical violence since the age of 15

6 percent women in the same age group have experienced sexual violence at least once in their lifetime.

About 31 percent of married women have experienced physical, sexual or emotional violence by their spouses.

Crimes against women increased nearly 50 per cent in Rajasthan in 2019 with a total of 41,155 cases being registered, which is 13,561 more than the previous year

MSSK is a Rajasthan government initiative to address the grievances of women survivors all over the state. Rajsamand Jan Vikas Sansthan administers and operates Mahila Salah Evam Suraksha Kendra (MSSK) since 2015 onwards in the district of Rajsamand. It deals with all kinds of violence be it physical, mental or sexual.

MSSK being a service provider provides relief to the survivor and ensures safety and security of the aggrieved women. There are two professional women counselors (one of them is lawyer) available at the center to provide necessary counseling and relief to women in need. The day-to-day operations are handled by RJVS professionals, supported by Director and head of police in district overlooks its operations and ensures required support to the agency.

During emergencies district women police supports the MSSK staff and initiates action as necessary to administer immediate relief.

Project Objectives

To provide Counseling, necessary legal/police/medical assistance to woman subject to domestic, social and sexual harassment; to help & protect women against all kinds of violence, exploitation and harassment.

Project Highlights

  • Kendra provides the space and support to enable women to rebuild their lives.
  • Joint venture with police Department and other government officials
  • Counseling exclusively by women counselors
  • Patient and attentive hearing to the pain of the victim
  • Resolving the problem in consultation with the culprits
  • Situated in the Mahila Police station of the district
  • Interventions include mediation, counseling, healing and capacity building of women victim
  • Handholding and further guidance, referring to free legal services if required

MSSK open between 10AM to 5PM at Rajsamand Mahila Police station

In case of Emergency Contact us:

Yashoda Soni(Counselor) : +917742458296

Sangeeta Chaudhari(Counselor) :+917300098186


Success stories

A woman named Shanta was married under the Nata custom  on 1-12-2016, after that, the woman gave birth to a two years old boy named Hitesh by living in her in-laws’ home  with her husband. The woman’s husband kept the woman well for four-five months. After that, as soon as the woman became pregnant, the husband and in-laws of the woman started harassing her, and then the woman went to her parents when she was pregnant for two to three months. After that, when the woman’s child was two months old, the parents of the woman sent the woman back to her in-laws after a mutual conversation , then the woman remained two months proper and the woman’s husband started again to beat the woman and snatch away the four-month-old child, then the woman approached the Mahila Salah Evam Suraksha Kendra(MSSK)  When someone told  her about the Mahila Salah Evam Suraksha Kendra(MSSK) , the Lady  came to the Mahila Salah Evam Suraksha Kendra(MSSK)  and told the counselor about her problems, then the counselor, after listening to the woman, registered the complaint of woman and went with the woman’s in-laws for the woman’s child and Then brought the mother-in-law ,father-in-law to the Mahila Salah Evam Suraksha Kendra(MSSK)  and after the consultation with them ,sent the woman back to her in-laws home. Then everything gone good  for six months after that she was beaten by her husband the again and the woman came back to the Mahila Salah Evam Suraksha Kendra(MSSK) , then the counselor again wrote the report of the woman. When the woman’s husband was called after taking the report of the woman, the woman’s husband came and signed a mutual consent with his wife and took the woman to her in-laws, after that it was a year. Then again the woman’s husband, father-in-law assaulted the woman on 25/04/2020, while the woman ran downstairs to save her life, the woman’s husband and father-in-law ran together behind her and broke both hands of the woman by brutally beaten  and the woman fainted. Then the neighbors of the woman intervened and took the woman by ambulance to the RK District Gov.Hospital, doctor  referred the woman to Udaipur, then the woman’s family took the woman to Kankroli, Sharma Hospital and got the operation done at Sharma Hospital and the woman First information report was lodged in Kankroli police station on Saturday evening 25/04/2020, but the woman’s child was left in the in-laws home, then the woman along with her family came to the Mahila Salah Evam Suraksha Kendra(MSSK) and told the whole incident to the counselor of MSSK When the counselor went to the in-laws of the woman, the in-laws of the woman closed the door of the house and refused to give the child, then the counselor of the Mahila Salah Evam Suraksha Kendra(MSSK)  talked with the officials called District Collector Rajsamand, Sub Divisional Officer Rajsamand, District Legal Services Authority, Narendra Kumar and Child Welfare committee president Bhavana Paliwal, then all the officials talked with  the Kankroli police station, then the woman was brought back her child after bringing the child to the Kankroli police station. In addition to the lawsuit, the woman’s husband and father-in-law were banned under section 151.