Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To build a society that ensures equal opportunity, justice, equality and respect for all especially women and children.

Our Mission

Rajsamand Jan Vikas Sansthan works to empower women, young people and adolescents girls and boys,especially those from marginalized and disadvantaged social groups to mitigate violence against women,promoting education amongst girls. We work towards creating a deterrent environment in the community against violence.

Our approach is the collectivization of rural women and girls, their capacity building, awareness creation, legal awareness and empowerment. Promoting the participation of the community in village development activities is encouraged to develop their civic and political leadership. Adolescent girls are empowered to have their consent and say in matters related to their future in marriage, education and job.

Core Values


We are dedicated to working together to accomplish our mission, vision, and objectives by constantly improving ourselves and our services to poor, underprivileged, marginalized and disadvantaged people, enhancing & cultivating our knowledge, honing our skills, and approaches and ensuring that our team members are valued, supported, and empowered.


As a human, we all need to be heard and supported especially during our period of distress and to be treated with empathy. By considering this, we recognize the humanity in each person we come in contact with and treat everyone with dignity, respect and kindness.

Transparency and Accountability

Through our policies, standing orders and SOPs, and in all our actions, we strive to ensure that we are transparent and accountable to our employees, partners, members, and stakeholders.


We strongly believe in the equality of every human being and commit to treat and respond to them by respecting their dignity while providing equal opportunity to all without regard to their caste, religion, gender, age, disability, class, etc.


We hold ourselves responsible and accountable in accordance with the highest standard of professional behaviour and ethics. We shall ensure to be transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with stakeholders, employees, benefactors, donors, and the public. We shall advocate the same in our public interactions.